Letters to New Kent County –Installment 1

The Tidewater Black History Foundation is restoring antebellum homes in New Kent County to educate on pre-Civil War life. They have acquired eight plantations, with five open for tours. Partnering with Colonial Williamsburg ensures authentic furnishings. Cumberland Plantation, their showcase property, is available for tours. More updates will follow in future newsletters.

Letters to New Kent County – Installment 2

Cumberland House, an 18th-century estate, serves as a model for Tidewater and Big Bend’s restoration projects in New Kent County. Over ten years, enhancements include artwork, historical markers, and a commercial kitchen, attracting over 10,000 visitors. Future updates will showcase Mount Stirling’s restoration, emphasizing the county’s commitment to preserving its rural character and history.

Cumberland House Interior

Letters to New Kent County – Installment 3

I’m pleased to update you on Mt. Stirling, our latest project in Tidewater, Virginia. Purchased 11 months ago, this 1851 Greek Revival house on 150 acres is under restoration. We’ve removed non-historic materials and plan to complete by summer’s end. Once finished, it will offer four bedrooms, modern amenities, and historical décor. A public nature walk is also planned. Our goal is to preserve and share these historical treasures with all.