Letters to New Kent County – Installment 3


I’m pleased to return to you for another chapter on our progress in Tidewater, Virginia. Previously I described our efforts at Cumberland, which started about ten years ago. This time, I’d like to share a much newer project – Mt. Stirling.

The Tidewater and Big Bend Foundation purchased Mt.Stirling just 11 months ago. It is a substantial, all-brick, symmetrical Greek Revival structure situated just south of the Chickahominy on about 150 acres. While the main structure was constructed around 1851, there is clear evidence in the land and archeological records indicating that the site was occupied by 18th Century settlers. 

After spending the better part of a year researching the structure, performing archeology and planning the restoration we broke ground on the complete rehabilitation of Mt. Stirling early this year. As you’ll see in the adjacent pictures, the structure is currently scaffolded, and all non-historic materials have been removed from the interior.

The finished product will be a fully rehabilitated structure with carefully hidden modern systems. The home will be available to visitors for overnight stays much like our other properties and will offer historical furniture, art and décor with four comfortable bedrooms and modern bathrooms. We expect to complete this phase of construction by the end of summer. In the near future we plan to add a nature walk to the site, which will be available to the public. It is my goal for this and our other projects to protect these important pieces of our history and to share them both locally and with visitors from afar.

John Poindexter

New Kent County

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